Dance Groups

German Cultural Society of St. Louis Dance Groups perform traditional folk dances, as well as very upbeat German dances.  The groups are composed of kinder, mittlere, jugend, young adult, and seasoned dances.

Being a part of the community is important. It provides a way to share our love of culture, dance, and music with our members and guests. We invite you to join us in celebrating the German culture and take part in our festivals.

Special Interest Groups

The German Cultural Society boosts many special interest groups. Please see our page to see what groups are available. Anyone is welcome to join us.

Festivals & Events

The German Cultural Society hosts their annual

trivia night on March 17!

There are still tables available for purchase. 

So, gather your friends & join us for 

The Best Trivia Nite In St. Louis!!

Featured News

The German Cultural Society hosts their annual

Easter Egg Hunt on March 31!

All children are welcome! Please bring a basket to collect treats!